Bowline Fox


bowline /ˈbəʊlɪn/

A 360 digital marketing agency

at the helm of an ever-changing digital ocean

Dedicated to people that want to make an impact.

"They're not just good at what they do, they're exceptional. Anyone would be fortunate to have them on their team"

About Bowline

Once upon a time there were two young actors who wrote scripts, put on plays, filmed self tapes, created short films, and marketed their shows on social media. 

Little did they know their skills were slowly morphing into what would be the definition of digital marketing manager.

But they despised the addictive nature of social media and began working hard to humanise their content, putting stories and personal branding at the forefront of their work.

After working with an array of clients from all niches,  these two girls refocused their attention on what really mattered to them: making an impact.

Both these actors had a shared love of the ocean, and one day decided to rebrand. They had the idea of a sailing knot.  The hardest one to learn but the most reliable that neither slips nor jams, is the bowline knot.

Bowline Fox Media was born!

Bowline is a digital native, 360 digital marketing agency that prioritises video content & putting humans at the heart of business.

Why Bowline? Bowline is a knot that solves problems and social media…is a problem. It is ever-changing, can have seriously negative impacts & is ultimately a tool for distraction.

However, we also know how social media can be a cause for good. Spreading important stories, creating impact where it matters and has sky-rocketed businesses to gain customers and clients in a way that simply wasn’t possible 10 years ago.

We specialise in taking the stress AWAY from you. Prioritising high converting video content that impacts positively. Staying at the helm of an ever changing social media storm & bringing your brand to life.

Our work comes in all forms – from web design, sales funnels, social media marketing to brand design.

We donate each month to IKWRO, a registered charity which provides advice and support to Middle Eastern, North African and Afghan women and girls living in the UK,

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