Biodegradable Boat

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A short film about two sisters who fulfil their dad’s final wishes by taking an old family walk along the coast of St. Ives. Along the way they find there’s something in the crashing waves that can unveil feelings that have been hidden for too long. 

Runner Up in the Lift Off Film Festival Awards 2022


  • Georgie Winter-Fox
    Producer & Writer
  • Kate Donnachie
  • Nick Gilbert

    Director, Editor & Composer
  • Georgie Winter-Fox
    Key Cast
  • Hannah Green
    Key Crew
  • Amy Kitts
    Key Crew
  • Hester Heeler-Frood
    Cover Singer
  • Edward Ireland-Jones
    Cover Song Producer
  • Rockpools
    Originally performed and sung by
    Martha Tilston

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