Pop That Mumma: @127k Instagram, @118.7K Tiktok

Pop That Mumma approached Bowline Fox Media to help with their video style & website re-brand. Since then we have worked together on sales funnels, marketing campaigns, live webinars and sold-out in-person festival events

The Problem

Pop That Mumma grew a significant following on Tiktok which hadn't moved over to Instagram. There was a user-journey break in the sales journey for their primary course 'Birth Box'.

The Solution

Bowline created a consistent brand personality and visual across the entire digital marketing strategy which included email marketing and creating Facebook Advertising. Bowline also generated a 'selling on instagram stories' strategy so that Pop That Mumma became more present as a brand and this helped to grow her following. Bowline created all sales pages on Pop That Mumma's website which doubled their revenue

The Result

The primary sales page doubled revenue consistently throughout 2023. The Facebook advertising campaigns was able to generated leads at 0.20p a lead and produce an ROI of 2.1.

"Bowline has been a crucial force behind our marketing and social media efforts. Since we started working together and implemented her sales strategies, I've seen a significant boost in both followers and sales. Bowline created a stunning website for me that has a very high conversion rate, and has consistently come up with innovative ideas for ways to get the brand out there. They're not just good at what they do, they're exceptional. Anyone would be fortunate to have them on their team. "